Saturday, December 22, 2012

La Harrier - What To Say

The music video for La Harrier's "What To Say". Written and produced by La Harrier. Video produced and directed by Shorthand Films and Anthony Wincko. Starring: Hailee Rose Choreography: Sinead O'Neill Stream and download for free:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

La Harrier - Tunnel To Your Heart

Tunnel To Your Heart - Starring Gia M. and J. Fish

Produced and Written by La Harrier

Video Produced by Shorthand Films and Anthony Wincko

Directed by J. Fish

Download The Song:

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1ne UNPLUGGED@The Natural Choice | Glory2God (Original) - **Special thanks to Shorthand Films, Beulah Baptist Church, the brothers of 412Tuned, Steve Donnelly and Mike Yanchak of, Nate The Phat Barber of The Natural Choice, and Senior Pastor Brian J. Edmonds of Macedonia Church on the Hill and the prayers and monetary contributions from supporters LIKE YOU for the making of this feature. BBlessed and highly FLAvored! Please LIKE, SHARE, SHOW YA LOVE if you've been blessed!! #1ne

GLORY2GOD - D. Bowens

Monday, May 14, 2012

Usher - Climax (acoustic cover by Myles Stefan)

Hey everybody! Pleased to share with you my latest video... an acoustic rendition of Usher and Diplo's 'Climax'. Feedback is encouraged! Hope you enjoy :)

Once the video reaches 10,000 views I'll be making the track available for free download on my Soundcloud!

A HUGE thank you to @LaHarrier (@Jfishsolevibe, @RyanNeitznick, @ShorthandFilms, @Awincko) for working on this project! Recorded and filmed in Pittsburgh, PA at the Ice House aka Arts Bungalow.

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Sosa Entertainment
Club Levelz - Pittsburgh PA
Nice performs: We Ball, Round Afta Round, and She Ain't Gotta Know


4Pound - No Days Off [HD]

4 Pound - NO DAYS OFF
SNUBEDOUT Coming Soon!!
STACC'n'FLIP Entertainment

Friday, February 17, 2012

AV & E - First Time I Got High [prod J. Fish]

The AVE - First Time I Got High